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What You'll Get

Our prints and notecards are printed on archival matte paper.  “Matte” means it doesn’t have that photograph-like gloss.  And “archival”, according to Wikipedia, means this paper can be “used for publications of high legal, historical, or significant value”, which is exactly how we hope you think of our products.  (I mean, as having significant value, not as a legal document.)  Combine this paper quality with the Claria® Hi-Definition Ink squirting out of our professional wide-format inkjet printer and you’re left with one durable, smudge/scratch/water/fade resistant print.



Most Grid+Love prints come in a standard 12" x 12" square (about the size of a vinyl record sleeve or twelve foot-long hot dogs stacked on top of each other) which includes a 1.5” border.  But check the product description to be sure, because the city of your desire might be weirdly shaped, forcing us to use more rectangular proportions and smaller margins.  Don’t worry, that just means more Grid+Love goodness for you, and we’ve taken care to make sure that all of our sizes are easily frameable.

For shipping, prints are placed into a protective clear plastic sleeve and then gently slid into a flat cardboard mailer.  We insist that our postman gaudily decorate this mailer with “Do Not Bend” stamps, but please let us know via email if your package arrives with indications that they defied these warnings (when we specifically asked them not to).



All of our notecards are 4.75” x 4.75” squares (including a negligible white border).  This allows them to fit perfectly into the 5” x 5” envelopes included in each order.  

Notecards come in sets of 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 and you’ll receive an equal number of color-coordinating envelopes in your order.

We’ve provided two to three envelope color options for each notecard set.  Choose your favorite.  In order to retain our sanity while fulfilling your order, we have instituted the Highlander rule of envelope color selection: there can only be one.  So if you select emerald green as your envelope color of choice for your eight-card Charlotte, NC notecard set, you’ll receive eight emerald green envelopes with your order.

Notecard sets are packaged in clear plastic boxes so they’re ready to gift.  For shipping, this box will be placed into another box.  It might sound redundant, but this’ll make sure your purchase makes it to you or your gift recipient without damage.